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We have amassed a great deal of experience over the last few years in outside event bars through our other business The Waiting Game.

We have managed a wide range of bars for a wide range of clients enabling us to develop our knowledge of running all types of bars - from private parties at home to mass-scale events to high profile weddings.  Some events we've been involved with are: we've solely run the bars at the graduation ceremonies for Plymouth University with 30,000 guests over two weeks since 2013, we were involved in the Guy Ritchie Wedding this summer, and we've done a high profile wedding with royal attendance in December 2014.  We even won the Bristol and Somerset Wedding Awards in the category of Best Outside Bar.

If you're interested in a snazzy bar we have a few of those too.  Have a look at our range below, you might like them but if not we're happy to work from just a table.

If you would like to know more about how we work then please get in touch.  Technically we do have a range of bar packages for different types of events but we've found that each event deserves its own package and so we would rather create a bespoke solution for you.  So once you've got in touch we would love to come meet you to discuss your requirements, or if you're too busy we're happy to give you a call.


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Outdoor festival bar created by bar135 in Bristol

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Event bar hire by Bar135 in Bristol

Best wedding bar in Somerset and Bristol

Plymouth Graudations

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Mirror Bar Wedding

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