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Why Whiteladies Road for the location of our Bar


Ben, is a director of Bar135 in Bristol.

A lot of guests who visit us in the bar often ask the question, why this bar? Why here?

Well, in short the answer is simple, when we were growing up you had one of two choices for a night out, Whiteladies Road or Park Street, so why not now?  Back then, Whiteladies was one of Bristol’s premier shopping areas, bustling with people during the day soaking up the café culture, and heaving with people at night visiting some of the better known bars and restaurants in Bristol; Henry Afrikas, Henry J Beans, The Vittoria, Humbug and the infamous end destination, Kickers.  Even the name of the road itself appears to have originated from inns; The White Ladies Inn (and the upper part from the Black Boy Inn).  Even now we find visitors to Bristol, popping in to the bar having been recommended the area as the place to go for drinks.  However, sadly the reality is slightly different these days.  Inundated with home furnishing shops and big supermarkets it is hardly the bustling café/bar area it used to be.  The area has been through a decline for the past 10 years, and while it’s still busy during the day, it tends to be down to the number of businesses that operate nearby and the student houses as opposed to the draw of the area itself.  

Black Boy Inn c.1800s

Black Boy Inn c. 1800s

There is a flip side however (and we’re not just talking about the cocktail bar) and there appears to be a general feeling in the area that things are looking up.  The success of The Cowshed, and the more recent Bosco Pizzeria have helped to bring people back to Whiteladies.  Even more promising are the rumours of the ABC Cinema re-opening.  We’re not going to get too caught up on these as they have been ongoing more or less since it closed, however they are appearing to be stronger and there appears to be a fair amount of community backing this time.  If you speak to anybody over the age of 30, they all have a soft spot for the area; all they need is an end destination and an excuse – which hopefully we can help with!  Call us sentimental, but with the recent success of various new and old areas of Bristol, as a direct result of new bars and restaurants, why can’t that happen here.

White ladies road c1910

Whiteladies Road, Clifton c. 1910

white ladies road 2015

and today

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