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Open Mic Night


Ben, is a director of Bar135 in Bristol.

There are not many more ideal locations and environments for live music in Bristol than Bar 135. The bar is almost made for it. After a highly successful open mic night in July we will be running one on the 20th of August. The atmosphere is intimate yet not overwhelming – with great people and a light-hearted approach to the night. What’s more, there are 2 cocktails for £8 on all night and  It’s a great opportunity for musicians and even if you have nothing to play, do come and have a drink and enjoy the music. With Harry Crawley masterfully MC-ing the evening you have nothing to be afraid of. But, in fact, the night carries a warning sign - be wary of bringing your girlfriends in case you lose them into his arms.

A bit about our MC:

'I've been playing music for about eight years now. I started with learning heavy metal songs on electric guitar which took some time but allowed me to listen to more complex material than is available on the charts. Eventually I managed to 'calm down' and spent time learning acoustic guitar. I focused on artists like John Mayer, John Butler and more blues-acoustic work which didn't lose its complex nature or become over-simplified. Currently I'm working on writing an album with a few songs which I hope to finish by December and record in 2016.'

Harry Crawley

Harry Crawley performing at our last Open Mic Night

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