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Home Mixing 2 - How to make an Apple Orchard


Ben, is a director of Bar135 in Bristol.

Apple Orchard

The key to making a nice cocktail is to balance the four factors: strong, weak, sweet & sour.

  • The spirit provides the strong
  • The weak is created by shaking/stirring/churning which dilutes the ice (normally a third to a quarter of all cocktails is actually water) and also the addition of mixers
  • The sweet is derived by the addition of sugar (and also mixer sometimes – e.g. lemonade, ginger beer)
  • The sour is of course the lemon or lime.

So based on my one rule and my one assumption, the only difficulty you face in making a cocktail at home is creating the sour aspect of the drink.  This has been the case for me many times in the past and it has been a cause of frustration that I can’t make the cocktail I want to make because I have no citrus fruits!

So after experimenting with certain things and talking to some chef friends, there seems to be an alternative, and one that you might just have somewhere in your cupboards.


Below is a recipe to make a refreshing, long Apple Orchard perfect for a nice Spring/Summer evening:

  • 50 ml -  Gin (Strong)
  • 1 heaped tea spoon - Caster Sugar (Sweet)
  • 10 ml - Apple Cider Vinegar (Sour)
  • 60 ml - (Cloudy) Apple Juice (Weak/Sweet)
  • 2 slices - Cucumber – if you have it

Add all of these ingredients to a jar with one tray of ice.  Try and make sure the jar has a lid and is big enough to allow the ice to move around.  Shake the jar back and forward using your wrists to try and make the ice go around the jar top to bottom and not erratically everywhere.  Shake about 20 times.

If you have another tray of ice then fill a glass with this tray and pour the shaken liquid over, otherwise pour the entire contents of the jar into a glass and use the ice you shook with to drink from.

Garnish with a cucumber slice that you wipe around the rim.

The best thing, Apple Cider Vinegar has many health benefits.

So there you have our first Home Mixing cocktail - the Apple Orchard!

You can replace the sour of any drink with Apple Cider Vinegar but be wary it is rather potent!  Have a play around with it in other cocktails and see if it works, if you need some inspiration then have a look at our cocktail menu.

Let me know how you get on...

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