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There has been a rising awareness of the impact the drinks industry is making on the environment.  Over the past few years more and more distilleries, breweries and drink factories are becoming more conscious of their impact and thankfully are making changes to their methods.  Years ago the idea of an organic wine, beer or spirit might have sounded odd, however nowadays they are popping up everywhere, and that’s a good thing!

This adaptation is highlighted by the growing number of companies affiliating themselves with environmental charities, most notably wildlife conservation.  Over the next few weeks we will be showcasing these spirits in more detail, and showing you how to use each one in a few tasty cocktails

At bar 135 this movement strikes a chord with us and our background in conservation, so we've set up an initiative called 'Cocktails for Conservation’

Twitter - @cocktailsconserv

Facebook - @cocktails4conservation

In order to promote and encourage our customers to use these products, we've developed a Cocktails for Conservation menu, with £1 of every drink sold on this menu going towards a selection of handpicked conservation charities, in the UK and abroad.  So that’s on top of the money that already goes back to charities from the ingredients used, meaning you are contributing more than ever to good causes.

Our new menu will be released early Feb, so pop in, have a drink and feel good about doing your bit for the environment!

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