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Cocktails for Conservation Menu Launch


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This blog is to celebrate the release of our Cocktails for Conservation menu available now at Bar 135.  For every cocktail purchased from this menu, £1 will go towards conservation charities worldwide. The menu has been designed to utilise those spirits that give something back to wildlife conservation and where we’ve had to use other spirits we’ve gone for FAIR. products, the only certified Fair Trade spirit brand available on the market - taking responsible drinking to another level!

Whilst researching to produce a menu designed for positive environmental our search came across many different spirit companies that are ethical and sustainable.  We had to draw the line at wildlife conservation as that is where our heart is and if we didn’t draw a line somewhere, our menu would be too extensive and would detract from our main aim of raising money for the preservation of wildlife around the world.

The products highlighted by us all donate towards conservation efforts, and we’ve outlined them below:



Elephant Gin - Elephant Gin gives back to the continent that inspired the brand in the first place: The company donates 15 percent of all proceeds from every bottle of Elephant London Dry Gin and Elephant Sloe Gin to two African foundations that are committed to save the African elephant from extinction



Snow Leopard Vodka - 15% of all Snow Leopard Vodka profit goes directly to the Snow Leopard Trust. To date they have raised over $200,000 for Snow Leopard conservation.




Pink Pigeon Rum – Pink Pigeon Rum are proud to donate to the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation in order to support continued preservation of the species




Amarula - The Amarula Trust aims to safeguard the African elephant so that we can keep meeting them under the Marula trees, year after year. Sustainable environmental and educational projects are key to the preservation of our precious heritage.




Ceylon Arrack – At Ceylon Arrack they are passionate about wildlife, especially their native elephants, contributing to the conservation of wildlife in Sri Lanka with every bottle sold.




FAIR. is the world’s first and unique Fair Trade Certified spirits brand. We respect about 200 rules to make sure that we pay the farmers at a fair price.


Over the coming weeks we will be looking at the animals and birds that these products support and highlighting the issues faced by each creature, starting with the African Elephant.  As well as outlining the issues we will be looking at the flavour profiles of each spirit and offering recipes to make the most of the drinks, in the hope that you can make them at home and therefore help further with the efforts they are funding whilst enjoying great drinks at home.

Inevitably we have probably overlooked one or two companies that offer similar environmental support, in which case we are truly sorry.  However, we are not limited to the above brands and would love to learn of any more that we can embrace and promote – so if you do know of any, please do get in touch by contacting

Below is a copy of our new menu, please share with anyone you know and come in and enjoy a drink with us, in the knowledge that while you’re enjoying yourself drinking some delicious cocktails (believe me I’ve tried them all!), you are also helping to save some of the worlds most endangered species.

Cocktails for Conservation Menu

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