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The Snow Leopard


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Snow Leopards (Panthera uncia)

IUCN Red List Category: Endangered


The last IUCN population estimate showed there are only between 4,080-6,590 snow leopards remaining in the wild. Populations of snow leopards are scattered throughout the mountainous regions of Central and Southern Asia, typically between 3,000-5,200m above sea level, with the largest populations found in China (accounting for approx. 60%), Mongolia and India.

Snow Leopard

These big cats are stealth hunters, stalking prey such as ibex, mountain sheep and goats.  Research has shown that they are creatures of habit, regularly using mountain trails to cover their territory in the search of prey, communicating to one another via scent marks along these trails.

With global warming the number of snow leopards is rapidly decreasing.  Warmer temperatures are causing tree lines to move higher up the slopes, and with that their prey are also moving higher up, along with local herdsman’s livestock. This not only means that their hunt for prey is becoming increasingly harder, but also leads to conflict with human populations. Recent research in the Tibetan Plateau, Qinghai, China also suggests that Common Leopards are following this treeline movement, creating even further competition for resources.

Snow Leopard

There is still a lot to learn about these solitary cats.  Their elusiveness means it’s tricky to research them in much detail, which only makes it harder to protect them.  Modern developments in technology such as camera traps is helping to increase our knowledge of their behaviour, ecology and how they are learning to adapt to new changes in their environment, but we are still left with large gaps in our understanding.

How you can help:

Snow Leopard Vodka:

Snow Leopard Vodka is distilled using small batch methods in Poland.  Thanks to their use of spelt grain (needless to say it’s pesticide/fertiliser free) the vodka has a distinct nutty character.  The smoothness of the vodka derives from the filtration process which expertly removes any trace of any methanol harshness.

15% of all Snow Leopard Vodka profit goes directly to the Snow Leopard Trust. To date they have raised over $200,000 for Snow Leopard conservation. On top of this Bar 135 are giving £1 back to conservation charities for every cocktail bought from our Cocktails for Conservation menu.

Supporting Projects:

Snow Leopard Trust

The Snow Leopard Trust is the world’s largest and oldest organization working solely to protect the endangered snow leopard and its habitat in 12 countries of Central Asia. The Trust is a non-profit organization, founded in 1981. There is estimated to be only 3500-7000 snow leopards left in the wild. When a region has been identified as a place of significant snow leopard habitat, the Trust works with local residents to understand their needs and then jointly develop conservation programs. These conservation programs include livestock insurance and vaccination, education of herder communities and ongoing scientific research.

How to drink:

The subtle nutty-ness of the vodka lends itself perfectly for use alongside woody-aromatic herbs such as rosemary, as in their signature Conservation Martini (Snow Leopard Vodka, Dry Vermouth and a sprig of rosemary).  We’re going to suggest something a little different and one that you will find on our upcoming Cocktails for Conservation menu.


The Black Cocktail

25ml Snow Leopard Vodka

25ml Lime Juice

12.5ml Pernod

15ml Crème de Mure

Dash of Sugar Syrup

2x Blackberries

Muddle the blackberries in a Boston Tin and add the rest of the ingredients.  Shake with ice and fine strain into a Martini glass or coupe glass and garnish with a blackberry




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