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We've been open since 2014 and have done countless private parties.  Now, it's safe to say, we're experts in them!



Bar 135 is a unique and intimate underground bar on Whiteladies Road, in the heart of Clifton.

When we first opened, in 2014, we were a bar first and a private party venue second.  However, over the past 7 years, we have realised that what we have at 135 is a unique venue that is perfectly geared up for parties.  Since we started turning our focus towards private bookings, we have seen our private bookings increase incrementally and pre-Covid we were booked out on pretty much every weekend.  Without fail, every party that came here had a great time.

Run by Jake and Luke, we are now not only experts in cocktails but we are experts in private parties and, in particular, in speedy service - the most important thing at a party!

We have the latest license in the area and are the only venue to truly be exclusive to your guests.  We are very flexible with our guests and our prices are remarkably competitive, if not very reasonable indeed!

Our mantra is - Your Guests. Your Music. Your Bar. - and we challenge you to find another venue like us!