Free Hire.  Exclusive All Night.  Central Clifton Location.

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(There aren't actually 135 rules, that's just the name of the bar)

Capacity:  Absolute maximum 75 people, we will be counting...

Cost:  Nothing, Zero, Nada.  We take a deposit to book the venue and there's a minimum spend on the night.  Your deposit is returned IN FULL upon hitting the minimum spend.  And don't worry about the minimum spend, we've only had two parties since 2014 which didn't hit it.

Decoration, etc:  The bar is yours, do with it what you will, though we draw the line at confetti...  Have you ever tried clearing that up?

Drinks deals:  Drinks on arrival.. tabs.. drinks tokens.. all these things make it easier for our bartenders so it's only right that we incentivise these as a thank you.  We offer HUGE discounts on anything that's pre-ordered so not only does it make service an absolute cinch, you get more bang for your buck.

Corkage:  We're about as flexible as they come here at 135.  If you want to bring a few of your own drinks then you're more than welcome to.  There is a small corkage fee for some items but it's nowhere near as financially crippling as some places, and any corkage fees will go towards your min spend as well.

Music:  Ok, fine, you can play Beyonce again...  It's your party, it's your music, we won't get in the way of friends wanting to have a good time, no matter how rubbish their music tastes.  You can either provide a playlist or provide your own DJ, but providing a DJ will reduce the capacity to 65 as we're only little.  Live music is also allowed in the venue and the acoustics work delightfully for open mics (and karaoke...). 

Food:  Ever heard of a BYOF?  Because that is precisely what we are.  We can't do food, we don't have a kitchen, and if we did, we don't have a chef - our chefs are all of the liquid kind.  So you can organise your own at no extra cost.



135 Whiteladies Rd, Clifton, Bristol BS8 2PL, UK

0117 970 6589

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